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the field of practice fop paper is a minimum of 3 page paper that involves research of the field you have chosen students will draw from a minimum of 2 sources and both sources must be professional sources such as a social work text and a profession

1) A book source (it can be our social work text, or any social work text, but it must be a social work text)

2) A professional, peer reviewed journal (Distinguishing such professional journals from popular magazines will be covered in our discussions.)

Time will be taken in class to discuss this assignment. The School of Social Work research librarian will be invited to speak on doing the research for this assignment.

What am I looking for in the paper, you ask? Here is the rubric for the paper:

  • Cover sheet (not in the page count)
  • Questions to address in this research paper:
  • Provide an introduction and some characteristics of this chosen field of practice. What makes this FOP unique? What are roles or settings that may not be found with other field of practice? (a minimum of 1 to 2 pages for this section)

10 Points

  • Discuss what might be some challenges or concerns or problems going into this field of practice: Said another way, the identification of one or more issues anticipated in this Field of Practice (a minimum of 1 to 2 pages for this section)

In your words, what have learned in your sources that may be challenges and concerns of social workers in this field of practice? Also, how do such challenges or concerns affect your working in this field of practice?

10 Points

  • Minimum of 3 pages for the addressing of these 3 areas. The cover page and references page will NOT be counted in these 3 pages. You will refer to the 2 sources in this section but no lengthy quotes.

10 Points

  • References (not in the page count); i.e. minimum of 2 sources
  • Follow instructions, i.e. cover sheet, follow APA

Link to UTA Intro to Social Work research site: (Links to an external site.)


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