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The Nonprofit Venture

(Part 1 of 3)

Following your experiences in Knightsville from the previous week, you have decided to pursue your lifelong dream of starting your own (BRAND NEW) local nonprofit. You are confident that your local government experience will assist you in this venture, but you are aware that there will be some new nuances to master and different considerations of which to be aware. Your first tasks in this venture are separated into two portions:

A.    Nonprofit definition, mission, and relationships

  1. Describe your organization (name and area of focus) and why it is significant and important to the community.
  2. State the organization’s mission and the needs that it intends to address.
  3. Explain the relationships that exist between your organization and its target audience (those who will be the recipients of its services), as well as with the Knightsville government (will there be any overlap, requests for funds, and so on?).

B.    Putting together your staff

  1. Put together a basic listing for a paid position within your organization (use the reading assignments as a guide).
    1. Include title, responsibilities, and at least two other areas to describe the position.
  2. Put together a basic list of criteria that you would expect from volunteers working with your organization.
    1. Include roles, responsibilities, relationships with staff members, and special areas of consideration (e.g., legal concerns, work conditions).
  3. Describe the strategies that you will employ to attract and recruit paid staff and volunteers to your organization. Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between strategies employed to attract paid staff members and those intended for volunteers.

Each portion of the assignment (A and B) should be at least three to five pages in length; the combined total for both sections can be no more than 10 pages, and all pages will be double-spaced. You must include at least five references that are a  reliable source; you do not need to include the reading assignments, but, if you do use them, they do not count toward the five-source minimum. Be sure to cite all borrowed, quoted, and paraphrased material appropriately in APA style.  

The purpose of this assignment is to gauge your understanding of the content, so focus on writing original content rather than simply regurgitating the textbook or other sources, whether by paraphrasing or using direct quotes. Paraphrasing is acceptable, but try to keep paraphrasing to a minimum. A good rule of thumb is to use 80% of your own work and paraphrase 20% or less of the work of others.

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