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the odyssey dir andrei konchalovsky 1

Entertaining adaptation of Homer’s epic poem that you may enjoy watching, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky. Originally a 1997 mini-series, here edited down to a 3-hour film. Not great art, but fairly faithful to the plot.

For extra credit, pick three scenes from the film (one from each hour, approximately beginning, middle, and end) and explain how they parallel and differ from Homer’s poem. This may be either plot or characterization: in other words, what’s similar and/or different about what happens or how people behave?

You’re advised to read the Mark Fiore summary first (long version, preferably) to give you a complete grounding in the poem before beginning your paper. 1000 words/3 pages, double-spaced. 12-pt. type. Submit through the EX CR essay portal under Assignments for an extra 10 points!

This optional assignment is a good means to make up points lost from a missed assignment or poor exam score. Note that the deadline is not until the end of term, so always focus on the required materials first and foremost.

The Odyssey 1997 – Homer (Links to an external site.)The Odyssey 1997 - Homer


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