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this essay is about how job search aligns with my future goals

Purpose: This assignment is to help the student integrate themselves within the Maverick Community. Researching events that are being held on the UTA campus will allow students the freedom to choose events that align with personal, academic, or career interests. The writing portion of the assignment will challenge students to begin thinking of how they can self-reflect on opportunities that arise during their college experience.

For the assignment, students must take a screenshot to show evidence of virtual attendance. After attending the event, students must upload the screenshot along with a brief reflection (5-7 sentences) describing your experience and how it aligns with future goals.


Click on Workshop next to Job Search Strategies, Wednesday, April 1

I have uploaded some of the power point slides that the professor went over. Will upload the remaining 6 slides. The presentation is a power point based on job search strategies and how it can help you find a job. You don’t have to watch the video if you don’t want cause I will upload the rest of the slides.

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