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Training and development

Training and development

1200 words

MINIMUM OF 10 APA Referencing


Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, commonly known as comfort, is a taxi company owned by ComfortDelgo Coporation Ltd. With the advent of the sharing economy, Singapore’s taxi industry has been significantly disrupted (

i.                     Using publicly available information and data, propose business goals for comfort that will address the challenges the company and industry as a whole is facing. (Detailed information and data about the company and industry, business goals are based on analysis of the researched information and data)

ii.                   Conduct an organizational training needs analysis to determine the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for realizing the business goals proposed in part (i). Report your findings. (Findings of the analysis are closely related to the organizational’s training needs)

iii.  Conduct a task (functional) analysis to determine the observable actions and tacit cognitive functions needed for proficiency (and perhaps even excellence) in the identified job tasks. Report your findings (Analysis methods are applied correctly and constantly checked against the organization’s training needs)

iv.  Conduct individual learning needs analysis to determine the employee’s performance gaps as compared against the finding of the task analysis. Report your findings. (Analysis methods are applied correctly and constantly checked against the organization’s training needs)

v.   Based on the findings of the three (3) levels of training needs analysis conducted, craft the learning outcomes for the training program to be designed in Assignment 3. (Learning outcome are phrased with an appropriate verb that indicated action to be taken)

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