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  1. following Questions: Discuss, in-depth, Important Pricing Factors that Should be Considered in the Pricing of a Product or Service. (see Chapter 11 Global Pricing Strategy – Lecture Supplement – Introduction, p. 1).

  1. (5 points) Counter Trade (barter system) involves Trading or Exchanging Goods or Services without Currency. Discuss, in-depth, Reasons and Importance of Counter Trade Price Transactions to Developing Economies (see textbook p. 467).
  1. (10 points) Assume that you have Developed a Product, that is a Global Innovation (E.g. a Music Album, a Personal Care product, a Food Product, or a product you have in mind), that you want to Export to a Foreign Wholesaler in Mexico or China – for Distribution and Sale to Retailers and Final Consumers. Discuss, in-depth, Factors Influencing Pricing Decisions (Competitive factors, Consumer Culture factors, Product factors, Distribution Channel factors and Country factors – See textbook p. 442 – 451) that you will Consider in Setting Price for your Product to a Foreign Wholesaler, and down-stream to Consumers.

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