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Urban Setting

Define congestion in today’s urban settings (such as Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, New York, etc.) and propose possible changes to that urban setting’s public infrastructure; describe how you would measure such changes to that congestion to prove your change was successful.

Note: Dissect the question. The question is composed of two sentence phrases. The first part asks you to define congestion. This definition has to be one that fits an urban setting. So, you will have to also define what an urban setting is in this context. Think carefully and spend time thinking about how many transportation modes there are in an urban area. Do not forget how time plays a factor in both definitions.

Second, is to define what is a public infrastructure, as compared to a private one? Is there such? Is there a public and a private infrastructure?

Third, list at least one measurement that can be used to show the impact of such changes. So, what would you tell your boss or the Mayor that you were going to measure to prove your proposed suggestion will or may work?

Fourth, all the above also revolves around your solution. What is your solution?  What is the problem that this solution will provide?

Essay should start with a statement. The essay should be approximately 500 words with appropriate sources cited in APA style.

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