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week two discussion questions

There are several questions involved in this assignment. There is no need for a cover page. There must be a total of three scholarly sources including a reference for the video, the site used to read about scholarly sources. Please note that when you find the scholarly sources after watching the video, you must copy and paste the reference the article. Please place the reference immediately following the particular question. There will be no need for a reference page. I have attached the specifics of this assignment. Please read it carefully for fear that something gets omitted. Included should be:

(1) Learn about scholarly sources and the two questions that follow;

(2) Learn how to find scholarly sources in the Library by watching the video; apply the steps to search for an article; describe the steps. Copy and paste the reference for the article.

(3) Visit the library website to learn about how to paraphrase and quote; what is the difference between a paraphrase and a direct quote; what is the maximum percentage of your essay that can be direct quotes?

(4) Find and review an article from the Bethel University online Library databases on the topic of Management. Discuss two or more facts/ideas/concepts/etc. covered in the article and explain how those relate to your organization.

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