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what considerations would have to be made in developing a long term archival plan for a company within that industry

Chapter 17 – Long-Term Digital Preservation: From our weekly chapter reading, digital preservation can be defined as the long-term, error-free storage of digital information, with means for retrieval and interpretation, for the entire time span the information is required to be retained. Though this assessment holds true to the authors, business organizations continue to face significant challenges in meeting their LTDP needs, especially those organizations whose primary mission is to preserve and provide access to permanent records.

1) Looking at your identified industry(Sportswear industry) for your paper, what considerations would have to be made in developing a long-term archival plan for a company within that industry?(250-350 words)

APA Format

2 references min

2) Reply 100 words

Regardless of rehashed worldwide calls for expanded interest in health research, making sure about speculation can be challenging, particularly in developing nations where study may contend with health service delivery for subsidizing and workforce (Pilaar, 2018). Promotion for expanded investment can also be undermined by partners’ questions about the productivity and adequacy of research, by an inability to understand the capability of past investment because of the reduced use of research outputs and by a low degree of public trust in research.

Despite of these advantages, systematic data archiving and sharing are not yet the standard, particularly in developing nations. Besides, numerous health research databases are not adequately cleaned, managed, or utilized, even by essential specialists, and frequently data are stored casually by establishments or individual scientists, which makes unrestricted use outlandish. Precise and make sure about data archiving can guarantee that these significant resources are accessible for addressing future general wellbeing questions.

We are organizing data for archiving and sharing. Given the expense and framework ramifications of data archiving and sharing, a great beginning stage in the present moment could be the advancement and usage of data sharing strategies. For databases related to enormous scope reviews and registers, since these offer fewer difficulties and give the best advantage to health research.


Pilaar, J. (2018). A Standard for the Scholarly Citation of Archaeological Data as an Incentive to Data Sharing. Advances in Archaeological Practice. 6 (2): 125–143.

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