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what is a performance

In your team performance analysis memo, Gina and Greg would like you to produce an assessment of the team’s performance, and discuss how team performance is impacted by individual, group, and organizational goals for informing management strategies.

Team Performance Assessment: This section of the team performance analysis memo should highlight the role of individual, group, and organizational goals as they relate to team performance.

  • Describe the team’s purpose, highlighting its alignment with organizational goals. Include the following in your response:
    • How did the team’s purpose drive success?
    • How did the purpose inform the group’s strategy?
    • How does a common purpose affect goal attainment within teams, highlighting strategies for aligning team performance goals with organizational goals?
  • Assess the effectiveness of the team assessment tool for determining strengths and weaknesses of team performance for groups and individuals, Include the following in your response:
    • What specific information supports management in determining the team’s alignment with organizational goals?
    • What improvements do you feel could be made to the assessment tool used to provide more reliable data?
  • Analyze results of team performance metrics for determining how well the team performed and aligned with organizational goals. Include the following in your response:
    • How did the product developed by the team compare with the organization’s goals for improving processes for the customers? Use the customer product review to inform this comparison.

Management Approaches: Based on the team effectiveness assessment, provide some suggestions to support stronger alignment between goals and team performance.

  • Discuss individual, group, and team goals for how they are impacted by organizational goals. Consider the examples of individual goals provided for their connection to organizational goals.
  • Discuss strategies for empowering team members to feel competent and make decisions in a team setting. Include the following in your response:
    • How can managers support employees in raising productive solutions that support team performance?
    • Are there common management approaches that should be avoided or that disempower team members?
  • Explain management approaches for individual or departmental performance and alignment with project team performance for supporting a successful team.
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