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which ethical traits are best for leaders


You are a sales representative for a medical device company that manufactures artificial joints. Your company has developed an artificial knee joint that is less expensive than the competition and will dramatically reduce healing time for patients. However, it is also known to produce a serious and potentially lethal infection in a small percentage of patients. The company refuses to disclose this potential side effect. You feel you have a duty to divulge this issue, but you signed a nondisclosure agreement when you were hired and worry about possible repercussions.


Write an essay (suggested length of 5-7 pages) in which you do the following:

A. Select a nonfictional leader who you feel has exhibited exemplary ethical conduct and do the following:

1. Discuss two ethical traits your chosen leader has demonstrated.

2. Explain how your chosen leader has exhibited ethical conduct.

Note: The chosen leader can be someone you know personally or someone famous.

B. Compare the deontological and consequentialist perspectives and how each perspective would approach the dilemma from the scenario.

C. Explain which level of cognitive moral development (i.e., preconventional, conventional, or postconventional) is represented in the scenario for each of the following questions:

• Which action would most likely serve the greater good in society?

• If I reveal this information, will I get into trouble and possibly even lose my job?

• Which action best aligns with my long-held belief in the principle of justice?

• What do the laws say, and what would a law-abiding citizen do?

• If I keep quiet will I get some sort of reward?

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