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wk5 Brainstorm ENG102

For this discussion, share the topic you’ve chosen to write about for your Week 6 Rough Draft. (You might want to jump ahead and review the requirements for this assignment.) Share the following aspects of your topic:

  • Exigence: What has prompted you to respond to this topic? (Other than the exigence of having to write a paper to earn a grade. This is a given.)
  • Potential audiences: Identify three potential audiences who might be interested in or affected by this topic. (Your audience cannot be “everyone,” “the general public” or any other broad or vague audience. Be as specific as possible in defining potential audiences.)
  • Possible avenues of research: What will you need to know or learn about in order to write effectively on this topic? Where might you find this information? (Note: Scholarly sources will be required of the Rough Draft, though you may use any other sources you deem appropriate if you can justify their use.)
  • Most importantly: Generate a research question for your paper. This differs from generating a thesis statement (which is the answer to a question). Instead of deciding in advance what position you want to argue, a research question is open-ended. See the W4 Assignment for examples of research questions.

In your responses, share your thoughts about other students’ topics, especially if you have further ideas for narrowing down the topic, possible audiences, or avenues of research.

Please note: None of this is set in stone. You may change any aspect of the topic (including the topic itself) before you submit the W6 Rough Draft (then you will need to use the same topic for your W8 Final Draft unless you have prior permission, from your instructor, to change the topic. The goal of this discussion is to simply start thinking about your project.

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