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write visual analysis essay

Visual Analysis Assignment Sheet

The student will write an MLA style, argumentative visual analysis of at least 750 words, which will include at least one source quoted inside the essay and cited in the Works Cited page. The student will choose to compare two images from Carrie Mae Weems’ collection:

The goal of the essay is not to simply compare and contrasts but to come up with an interpretation of the artist’s intended social message.

Introduction (10pts):

  • Grab the reader’s attention
  • Introduce the name of the artist and give biographical information such as her style and way of thinking
  • Give credit to your source in the paragraph and in the Works Cited page at the end
  • Provide the name of the instillation as well as the name or number of your selected photo
  • Include a two part thesis statement that argues what you think the artist’s intended societal message is in your selected series and what the specific message is in your selected photo from that series.

Body paragraphs (50pts):

  • The student will have at least one paragraph that describes the meaning of the series in general
  • The student will have at least one paragraph that describes their chosen photo from the series
  • The student will have at least TWO paragraph that analyzes the selected photo

Conclusion (10pts): Write an inspired and well-developed paragraph that emphasizes the main point of the essay, gives significance to the social message explored, and provides explanation as to why art is important for society.

MLA (10pts): Student follows proper MLA style, including headings and title, Times New Roman 12pts font, double space, and a Work Cited page.

Mechanics and Word Count (Worth 10%): the student meets the 750-word count (counted from the first word in the intro to the last word in the conclusion). The student carefully revises the essay, contains minimal grammar mistakes; the student uses proper punctuation, has varying sentence structure and lengths and each sentence can be clearly understood the first time read.

Organization (Worth 10%): The student has a well-organized essay that contains all the elements required. There are effective paragraph breaks and transitions between ideas. The essay flows, seamlessly connecting one idea to the next, and fulfills reader expectations by presenting old information before new information.

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