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writing 350 500 words about ww11

Go to the Digital Archives of the National World War II Museum

Choose two categories related to the war. Choose one video oral history from each category you pick. See the next page for screen shots on how to navigate the site and find video choice options

Click on the “Browse” on the top horizontal menu
Scroll down and pick from two of the Broad Categories such as a Branch of Service (such as US Army).

Choose two oral history videos from different Broad categories and subcategories. For example, if you choose a oral history video on “Fear” pick another video from an entirely different Broad Category and subcategory such as entertainment, death, relationships.

Choose a person from a different gender, race, ethnicity for your second oral video choice.
The videos are over an hour long.
After you click on a video there is a list on the left giving the topics related to each section of the video.

Watch 3 segments (choose from the list on left) for each of the 2 videos you choose.

Answer these questions for the two videos you pick:
Respond to the questions for your Video #1 choice, then respond to the questions for Video #2 choice
1) Give the name of the person sharing their oral history. List which 3 segments (gray menu on left side of the video) that you watched. Copy the URL of the video and paste it here in your response to question #1.
2) Summarize the person’s story from the segments you watched.
3) How did hearing the person tell their story aid your understanding of World War II and the experience of the war?
4) Do you think that listening and watching gave an added dimension to learning about the topic? Why or why not.
5) What was new to you or describe the most important thing you learned

Fellow the direction below in file which I posted it

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