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Writing Abstract

Purpose: This paper will give you a preview of the type of research article you will be writing for Research Methods and Design II. You will get one more chance to test your understanding of APA formatting by identifying formatting mistakes. You will also get another chance at summarizing research by creating your own abstract for the paper you will read.

Task Part 1: You will review a paper written by a prior Research Methods and Design II student. The study you will read about has two parts; both parts are important. As you do identify the hypotheses, IVs, and DVs, and ultimately write an abstract for the research article. It may be tougher than you expect so give yourself time to go through the article and label its parts.
For the abstract:

A complete abstract will contain all of the following:

Describe the purpose of the study
Describe the variables (IVs and DVs)
Describe the methods
Describe the results
Describe the implications of the study
Should be no longer than 150 to 200 words
Should include both study 1 and study 2
Concept keywords related to article after the abstract

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