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writing quiz 2

1.What happens when we digest a sandwich? Where do starches and proteins FIRST get digested and where does absorption occur in the digestive system? What structures help with absorption or digestion? (8 points).

2.What two events result in the shuffling of maternal and paternal DNA in meiosis? AND What exact stages do they occur in?

3.Do the Punnett squares below to see the chances of getting the desired traits.

R = Fast Reactions and is a dominant allele; r = the recessive allele and gives normal reaction

Consider the genotypes for you (Rr) and your partner (rr), what are the chances your child will have fast reactions? What is the ratio of genotypes for your possible offspring?

4.Compare and contrast spermatogenesis with oogenesis.

5. Describe how someone could not pass on a genetic abnormality to their offspring

6.What scientists and experiments helped to demonstrate that DNA was the molecule responsible for heritability and that its structure was a d+ouble helix?

7. What is the process for how an insulin protein is expressed? Write about each process involved and the organelles where the steps occur in.

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