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you can see there are so many aspects of the western movement during these decades the aspect that interests you 1

How did America change in the 1820’s and 1830’s? Western movement and the new politicians obviously created change for the country. Who was important to these changes? Why were these people and events so pivotal in the evolving country? Was the change inevitable? These are just three of the basic ideas you can look at in paper three. Again, I’m looking for your thoughts on the subject.

Use quotes and paraphrase to support your opinion. Don’t forget to cite any quotes and paraphrases with MLA format. If you have any questions about citations,essay is the most ‘open ended’ of your essays. Do not let that bother you. When looking at the 1820’s and the 1830’s we see the opening of the American west and the beginnings of the massive westward push of humanity. There were numerous people and events influencing all this movement. Be it a new law or set of laws. Or a man such as Andrew Jackson. Or maybe the Native Americans of the western lands. Was slavery an issue that allowed for faster western movement? As you can see there are so many aspects of the western movement during these decades, discussing more than one is difficult. Find the aspect that interests you and write two to four pages on how that aspect influenced the move west. This was such an important time in American history, I do not see how you can write on more than one topic. Yet all these, and other, topics are vital to the US in these decades.

two to four pages in a Word Doc.

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